Early Years Staff

  • Cristina Giuliani
    Nursery Teacher

    Cristina is from Newcastle in England and has been teaching for 17 years. She has a BA in History and Education and a PGCE in Primary Education. 

    Before joining BSW Cristina was a nursery teacher in Abu Dhabi. Previously she taught in a variety of British and International schools in England, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. 

    Cristina teaches Nursery and is passionate about teaching children in a creative, engaging and interactive way, which encompasses children’s individual skills and interests.

  • Gemma Wilks
    Reception Teacher

    This will be Gemma’s second year at BSW and she is looking forward to further developing the environment indoors and outdoors to provide an outstanding enabling environment. Gemma has worked in primary education for the past 13 years and has vast experience in EYFS and KS1. She has worked at a variety of schools in the United Kingdom. They have included a Catholic School and schools in highly deprived areas of the country. She has much experience in teaching children with additional languages and with working in schools with high levels of pupils with little or no English.

  • Amy Coglan
    Reception Teacher

    Amy is from Durham in the North East of England but enjoys the adventures that come with international teaching. She has been teaching for 9 years, since graduating from the University of Cumbria in 2011. She has taught across EYFS, Key stage 1 and key stage 2 in the North of England, as well as teaching in the British International School of Moscow. Prior to moving to Warsaw, Amy taught in a large EYFS unit, in the North East of England.

    Amy teaches Reception and has a keen interest in developing early reading, writing and mathematic skills through a play based approach.

  • Izabela Miga
    Nursery Teaching Assistant

    Izabela is originally from Poland but she had been living in Ireland for the last 16 years. She had 9 years experience of working as a Special Needs Assistant in primary and secondary schools, both in mainstream and special classes - suppporting children with additional educational needs, children for whom English is a second language and children with Autism. Izabela holds a Master Degree in Ethnology/Anthropology of Culture- sha has a strong interest in people's heritage and promoting diversity. She strongly believes in equality based education, where each child is welcomed, valued and supported to achieve their full potential. In spare time Izabela enjoys photography, arts & crafts and hiking.

  • Natalia Rejmak
    Reception PL Teacher and Reception Teaching Assistant

    Natalia has finished her Bachelors degree in Pedagogy at Faculty of Social Sciences at The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. While studying for her bachelors, she got the chance to participate in an exchange program and study Education at University of  Gothenburg. Then she earned her Masters degree in Pedagogy at Faculty of Education and Psychology at Maria Curie - Sklodowska University in Lublin. Natalia has been working at BSW since 2016 and loves working in Early Years because no two days are the same and every day keeps you entertained.

  • Roksana Porębska
    Reception PFL Teacher and Reception Teaching Assistant

    Roksana holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Warsaw with specialisations: teaching and translation in English and German language. During her education she attended a bilingual English class in secondary school in Warsaw, and in 2019 she was awarded a scholarship “Sprache, Land und interkulturelle Begegnung” at the University of Vechta in Germany. Additionally, in 2017 she has completed a course of a camp counsellor. She has always wanted to work with children and teach foreign languages, since these are her two greatest passions. Roksana has much experience in teaching young learners, she worked with children of different ages, too. Before joining the British Primary School of Wilanow, she gained her experience as a Teaching Assistant in Polish public nurseries. Since 2018 she has been engaged as a Learner Assistant at the British Council department in Warsaw, where she assists teachers and supports young learners in English language courses. Currently, Roksana is doing her Master’s degree in Pedagogy.

  • Daria Wolicka
    Music and Dance Teacher

    Daria has a Masters degree from University of Warsaw Institute of Musicology with pedagogical specialization. She obtained her undergraduate degree at The State Music School Complex with studies in transverse flute. Her main music interests is to focus on free jazz and improvised music. She played in orchestral projects with the Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra, conducted by Ray Dickaty and the 3275 kg Orchestra conducted by Maciej Trifonidis. Her artistic achievements include 3 albums from improvised, ethnic and jazz music. The 4th album she was a part of was recorded in the Polish Radio Recording Studio and it will be released soon. In addition to music, she is also a dance artist. She studied jazz and contemporary dances at the Dance Emotion - Centre de Dansa for over a year in Barcelona Spain. During the summer of the year 2019, she took dance courses in Los Angeles California in the US at a prestigious Millennium Dance Complex. Millennium is where world-famous dancers and choreographers in Hollywood scenes master their dance skills. At BSW, she has several roles: music teacher, teacher's assistant and she also teach and coordinate extracurricular clubs: Hip Hop dance and school Choir. She is the organizer of the first in Poland "Music Workshops for Dancers" (pol. „Warsztaty z muzyki dla tancerzy”).