Frequently Asked Questions
  • Yes, we offer morning pick-up and afternoon drop-off within 10 kilometres of the school. If you are interested in signing up for the bus, please ask office@bsww.pl

  • We began a few years ago with under 20 students, and have grown to over 180

  • In Nursery, Reception, and Year 1, the maximum number of students is 18. From Year 2 and up, the maximum is 22 students.

  • From Year 1 and up, all of our lead teachers are native English speakers from the UK, Ireland, or Australia. All lead teachers have had the proper training to teach in a British school.

  • Our tuition fees vary depending on the age of the child. For information about fees for your child, please contact admissions@bswilanow.org. The fees schedule is also online.

  • We want children to enjoy their summers and spend time being kids, and do not offer summer reading lists to prospective families.

  • Yes! We do not have an English requirement, and regularly take in children with little to no English. We can offer a provisional programme for them to catch up, and typically within one trimester, they are well-adapted and no longer need intervention. For more information on this, please speak to the Admissions Officer, who may put you in touch with our Head of Primary.

  • If your child has a Polish swiadectwo, we must abide by that document and promote the child to the next class--it is not optional to go around this, as the swiadectwo functions as a legal document in Poland. It is not advisable to purposefully place a child in the incorrect year group. There is a chart which indicates guidelines of year group placement, and we rarely make exceptions to this. If you are concerned about your child’s limited English, please know that we will support that student; we much prefer this than placing them a year below, where they will be behind academically in all other subjects. Moreover, it is crucial that students are with other children their own age. For more details on year group placement, please contact admissions@bswilanow.org or pdavidson@bswilanow.org.

  • Uniforms can be purchased through the school. Please contact info@bsww.pl for more information.

  • All of our special activities, like swimming, tennis, and Forest School, are part of our Pastoral Care Programme. They have been specially crafted to suit the needs of our students, and students their age. These activities contribute greatly to a child’s physical, mental, and emotional development, all of which we have taken into consideration when planning.

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