The school has both the land, building permissions and resources to achieve its vision of a world class international primary school in Wilanow.

The school building is a custom built school that began in 2014-2015 and has grown rapidly to its current enrolment of just under 150 pupils (Nursery -Year 7). The classrooms are all spacious, bright and well equipped. The Nursery and Reception pupils are in classrooms with integrated bathrooms and the youngest pupils have mattresses and bedding that allows them to have a nap in the afternoons. For the Nursery pupils they have direct access to outdoor learning from the classrooms. Nursery classrooms are air-conditioned. All classrooms are equipped with interactive white-boards, class computer and modern furnishings.

In November 2018 we will enlarge the school building with 5 additional classrooms, a large cloakroom, teacher’s room and ICT suite.

The school has a canteen to seat 150 pupils at a time with fully equipped and modern kitchen for the storage, preparation, cooking and serving of food. The canteen meets all sanitary and regulatory requirements.

The school has a multi-functional room equipped with appropriate gymnastics equipment and play equipment. The school also utilises external facilities for tennis, indoor football and swimming.

The school has a library fitted with a number of bookshelves, seating and informal reading corners.

The school is fully wired for wi-fi with a dedicated optic fibre line.

The outdoor facilities include two playgrounds, a football field and there are ambitious plans for further sports facilities both indoor and outdoor.

All pupils have an individual metal locker for storing personal items and there are two cloakroom areas fitted with safety hooks.

The facilities have CCTV and lock-down technology.