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Our History

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BSW joins ISP

BSW joins the International Schools Partnership.

For more information about ISP clickto visit the website  International Schools Partnership

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COBIS Patron's Accredited Member status for BSW!

BSW gains COBIS Patron's Accredited Member status.

COBIS (Council of British International Schools) sets robust international standards and gives globally recognised external validation.


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BSW Reacts to Corona Virus Pandemic

After a mandatory closure due to the Corona virus, in March 2020 British Primary School of Wilanow reacted fast and efficiently to set up its procedures to keep the school environment safe and healthy, and get our pupils and staff back in school. 

Our school began regular testing of staff and pupils, and our three point plan was created for the BSW community to adhere to. 


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September 2019 - Opening of BSW second building phase

In July and August 2019 the second phase of our school building plan was completed. (third phase completion date estimate September 2023)

The doors opened in September 2019, and our Upper Primary staff and pupils, Years 5 to 8, immediately settled in to their new classrooms and facilities.

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May 2018

School completes standardisation tests

Pupils perform well in the first UK standardisation assessments.  

May 2018

COBIS Compliance

BSW becomes the first school in Poland to complete Council of British International Schools Compliance

September 2018

Expansion to Year 7

BSW opens to Year 7 with specialist teaching in Upper Primary.

September 2018

Senior Leadership Team expanded

School appoints Mikołaj Gruzial as Head of Administration and Sarah Leybourne as Deputy Head of Primary.

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February 2017

Strategic visit to the British International School of Stavanger

Peter Davidson and Saul Simpson visit BISS to research forest school before planned strategic launch in September 2017.

September 2017

Appointment of Tom McGrath as Principal

Mr McGrath succeeds Mr Nicholls. The school now offers classes to Year 5.

September 2017

Forest School Begins

All pupils experience Forest School across the school year.

September 2017

Fourth House established

Cornwall house established to match school growth.

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September 2016

Opening of canteen

The school grows to include classes from PreNursery to Year 4

September 2016

Appointment of Peter Davidson as Head of Primary

Peter Davidson joins the Senior Leadership Team and begins Pastoral initiatives

September 2016

House system launched

Three Houses established as part of the developing Pastoral Programme. Suffolk, Nottinghamshire (Notts) and Durham.

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May 2015

Strategic visit to the International School of Geneva

Peter Davidson visits the International School of Geneva to research combining local and international curricula.  

September 2015

Expansion of Building

The school grows to include 5 classrooms

September 2015

Appointment of Chris Nicholls as Principal

Mr Nicholls joins the school from The British School of Tokyo

October 2015

ISI Consultancy Visit

ISI consultant visits the school and advises on curriculum and direction.

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December 2014

School is founded

Starting with just a handful of pupils in two classrooms, BSW begins operation as an international pre-school