Middle Primary Staff

  • Jo Rogers
    Year 4 Teacher / Middle Primary Coordinator

    Jo has been teaching throughout Key Stage One and Two for the past 14 years. After obtaining her teaching degree, she spent 4 years teaching in a multicultural school in England. Whilst Joanne loved her job, she decided that she wanted to try teaching internationally - it was one of the best decisions she has ever made!

    Jo’s first international placement was in a British International School in Seoul, South Korea as a class teacher and Head of Year 4. For the past 4 years she has been living in Warsaw and teaching and coordinating Primary Maths in a large British school. Here at BSW, she is a Year 4 class teacher, Phase Leader for Middle Primary and Maths Lead for the lower school (Rec-Y4).

  • Emily Protheroe
    Year 4 Teacher

    Emily has been teaching in primary schools for over 11 years, she graduated from Roehampton University, London in 2008 with a BA in Primary Education. In 2010, after working in London for two years, she moved to a newly-established English school in North Cyprus. She then taught at a different international school in Warsaw where she took on the roles of Head of house and Head of year.  There she had the unique opportunity to attend specialised STEAM training at MIT in Boston, Massachusetts. 

    This year she is delighted to join BSW as a year 4 teacher and Head of Pastoral. She strongly believes that children learn best when they feel safe and when they are provided with an engaging and thought-provoking curriculum. She also believes that children should have the opportunity to take ownership of their learning. 'I know that each child within the school is uniquely different; my job is to facilitate learning and to ensure that school is a place where they want to be.'

  • Renata Gut
    Year 4 Support Teacher

    Renata holds a Bachelor’s  degree from Warsaw University with a major in English Language Teaching and a Masters in Faculty of Modern Languages also from Warsaw University. She lived in London for 11 years. During that time she was involved in various projects concerning children's education and care. In her free time she likes to read and also enjoys travelling and finding out about foreign cultures.

  • Stephanie Nelson
    Year 3 Teacher

    Stephanie Nelson is excited to return to Poland and join BSW from September 2020. She graduated from the University of Alberta in Canada, with a focus on international/intercultural education. She has been teaching internationally for the past 14 years at different international schools in countries such as: Colombia, Thailand, Germany and Cuba. In her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities and adventures.

  • Sara Hunter
    Year 3 Teacher

    Sara studied for her BA (Hons) in Primary Education from Manchester Metropolitan University and spent part of this time studying and teaching in the Netherlands. After graduating, Sara moved back to her home city of Leeds to teach across Upper Key Stage 2, followed by four years teaching in a British International School in Beijing, China. Whilst there, she led both the ECA and Topic curriculums as well as being a teacher of both Year 3 and Year 5. For the past two years, Sara has been living and teaching in Bulgaria, helping to develop the Maths and IPC programmes there, as well as mentoring newly qualified teachers. Sara enjoys keeping fit and has coached several sports, including football and netball. In 2017 she was awarded ‘Sports Coach of the Year’ for her effort and contribution towards sport at her school and she is looking forward to bringing her energy and passion for sport into her teaching role. This will be Sara’s first year at BSW and she will be a Year 3 class teacher.

  • Marta Wasilewska
    Year 3 Support Teacher

    Marta graduated from Warsaw University and has a Masters Degree in Early  Education Studies. Since joining BSW in October 2015 she had been teaching Polish lessons across the school from Reception to Year 4. During this period Marta had taken various trainings and workshops for teachers to develop her skills in delivering the best education. This year she has taken a position of support teacher in Year 3 and she is really pleased to help children every day in their learning journey.