Fees for 2021-2022

Please find attached the schedule of school fees for the 2021-2022 academic year


Diagnostic Charge  -  3.000 PLN


Trial & Assessment Fee  -  1.000 PLN

BSW may request a child to attend a Trial and Assessment placement at school. This fee will be deducted from the diagnostic fee if the applicant is successful and offered a place at BSW


Canteen Fees   -   4.500PLN

The annual payment for meals per child is 4.500 PLN. This includes morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. The fee can also be made in 3 fixed payments by 1st August / 1st December / 1st March

Payment 1 – 1.800 PLN

Payment  2 – 1.800 PLN

Payment 3 – 900 PLN


Breakfast Service (available 7.30am - 8.10am daily)

Annual Payment   -  1.000 PLN

 Fixed payments by 1st August / 1st December / 1st March

Payment 1 – 400 PLN

Payment  2 – 400 PLN

Payment 3 – 400 PLN


After School Care including 5pm Evening Snack (available 4pm – 6pm daily)

Annual Payment  -  1.500 PLN

 Fixed payments by 1st August / 1st December / 1st March

Payment 1 – 600 PLN

Payment  2 – 600 PLN

Payment 3 – 600 PLN


Holiday Care Programme

Half Day (8am-1pm)   -  100 PLN

Full Day (8am-4pm)  -  150 PLN

The Full Day cost includes canteen service, and some activities organised over the holiday breaks

This service is available for Nursery to Year 3 Pupils


Additional After School Clubs  (per term per club)  -   250 PLN

BSW offers a selection of Language/ Sport/technical/creative clubs that will be invoiced termly


School Trips/Events

Parents will be informed of individual trips and events and the additional costs


Transportation (school bus) per student per month from  -  500 PLN

This is a monthly rate covering a morning and afternoon bus service within a 6 km radius. For those who live above 6km a higher rate will apply


English Language Support (Scope to be agreed individually)

There is a charge of 2,000 PLN per term for intensive in-class and withdrawal lessons


Learning Support (Scope to be agreed individually)

There is a charge of 2,000 PLN per term for intensive support including Speech Therapy

For children with additional learning support needs, or requiring a full time Learning Support Assistant, additional charges will be confirmed after a full assessment



Wearing a School uniform is compulsory for children in Reception to Year 9. For price information contact info@bswilanow.org


Reduction in Tuition Fees for siblings

Parents who have more than one child at the school will receive a 5% tuition fee reduction on the second child. Parents who have more than two children in school are entitled to a reduction of 15% of the appropriate tuition fee for the third child. There is a 50% reduction for the fourth child’s tuition fee


Timely payment discount

The termly payment plan includes a discount of 3% for on-time payments. The discount only applies if the payment is deposited into the school account by the due date. If the payment is received after the scheduled date, then the discount does not apply; additional processing surcharges and interest fees may apply


Mid Year Entry

For Tuition Contracts concluded during the academic year, the termly (3 payments) tuition fee is divided into 10 months and is calculated proportionally to the number of the remaining months of study, regardless of the start date in a given month


Requesting an Invoice

Contact payments@bswilanow.org and give your child’s name and year group, your canteen programme selection, bus transport information (if applicable), the entire name of the person or company the invoice should be issued to, and how you would like it to appear on bank statements

A Polish version of the fee schedule document is available.   Please contact admissions@bswilanow.org