20.11.2021 / Events

BSW has adopted a three pronged approach to the Covid-19 pandemic.




BSW has arranged regular testing of all pupils and staff and we have been able to identify and isolate cases before pupils enter classrooms and this has contributed greatly to a healthy and safe environment.

We have daily temperature checks, an isolation room and strict protocols for isolating any possible issues.



Through enhanced hygiene and sanitary standards, BSW ensures that all school spaces are safe and sterile.

We have hired additional cleaners.

We have reduced capacity in the canteen.

We have pupils playing in three separate play spaces to ensure the bubbles created remain intact.

We have different entrances for pupils.

All staff and pupils wear masks from Year 1 upwards.



We have strict and well-understood protocols to react to any potential risks.

An example of this: we were informed that a parent had been tested positive and that the parent's child was in class. We could immediately isolate this pupil, we were able to perform a rapid Covid-19 test and we were able to quickly establish that the pupil was Covid-19 free. The pupil then went home due to quarantine protocols but the pupil's class was able to continue uninterrupted.


Our surveys show that parents have very high levels of trust in our thorough approach and we have been able to limit closures due to detected cases by our mass testing ability.


While potential vaccines may appear in the coming months BSW is prepared for the long haul where our three pronged approach, Stop-Protect- React will need to continue for many months to come.