Leaving Assembly

02.12.2019 / Events


On Friday 29th November we had a special production presented by Drama Club and Year 7 students at Akademeia High School Auditorium.

Twenty one students were involved in this drama project and they managed to touch the audience with their insight into saying goodbye, both in famous stories and their own lives. 

This special presentation came to life as a result of four Year 7 students leaving school and expanded to include more scenes with difficult farewells and the emotions that accompany them.  

BSW audience was very appreciative and both Mrs Halska and the actors got beautiful feedback from teachers and students. 


Year 3AM wrote a special 'Thank you' email listing their favourite scenes in the play: 

  • The fighting of two characters in the video game scene

  • The two boys shooting each other with guns

  • The sound effects (such as a chandelier falling from the ceiling)

  • Romeo and Juliet scene (Cadhla and Antonio singing duet)

  • The Spice Girls’ song

  • Harry and Hagrid saying goodbye