Senior Leadership Team

  • Tom McGrath

    Tom McGrath has 20 years experience in international education with successful headships in Poland, Portugal and the Caribbean. A graduate of University of Limerick and Trinity College Dublin, he has also completed advanced studies in Applied Linguistics, International Education and International Relations. He is married to Beata and has two daughters, Eilis and Aniela.

    Tom manages whole school operations and provides the strategic direction. He is the key administrative liaison between the board and the senior leadership team.

  • Mikołaj Gruziel
    Director of Administration

    Mikołaj Gruziel leads the non-Educational side of the school which includes facilities, health and safety (Facilities, Campus and Grounds), Marketing & Admissions, Catering, Transport and General Administration. Mikołaj has over 20 years of experience in the administration of British International Schools in Poland.

  • Kasia Łaska
    Vice Principal - Early Years

    Kasia graduated from the University of Warsaw with a Degree in Early Childhood and Primary Education and a post graduate diploma in Educational Management at the Academy of Specialised Pedagogics. Her educational connection had already begun in 2003 when she became an instructor of one of the scout units in Praga Północ in Warsaw.

    Kasia has always wanted to work with children and this is her passion. She has worked for one of the biggest Polish youth scout organisations and with each of the age groups (7- 18) for almost 10 years.

    For two years she also coordinated the curriculum for Association of the Polish Scouts, organised a monthly holiday scouts camp for more than 300 children and was part of the managing board of the Scout Rescue School.

    Kasia gained much experience through organising and programming events and projects in Edukado - Academy of Sport and Creative Development , as a curriculum coordinator at KidsFun and at the International Kindergarten Paddington Bear in Warsaw. Her other roles have also included working as a Managing Director of Mum and Baby club in Praga Południe in Warsaw. Over the previous 8 years she worked at the International Trilingual School of Warsaw as Preschool Director and later as Primary School General Director. In 2019 Kasia joined BSW, she manages the Polish Compliance and since September 2020 has taken on the role of Vice Principal to the Early Years, British Nursery of Wilanow.

  • Our staff

    Our teachers and our staff are the key to the success of our school’s vision. We recruit our teachers directly from the UK or from quality British International Schools.