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Pastoral Care

 BSW believes that individual pupil comes first and is at heart of the School’s pastoral care systems and processes.

They are the first priority of all staff and are a key contributing member of ethos of school. BSW seeks to foster an environment where Pupils are politely inquisitive, confident and proud of their school. Where relationships between staff and pupils in classrooms are consistently exceptionally strong. Where all staff know each pupil as an individual and where mutual respect is considered to be the cornerstone on which future success is built.

To this end, we seek to ensure that BSW Pastoral systems are and processes are clear for all involved and encourage each individual child to develop to their full potential by catering for her or his, moral, emotional, intellectual, physical and social needs in a caring, safe and secure environment.

Our values are interwoven through our code of conduct, The Walk of the Lion. This is clear for our pupils, teachers and parent community and we ask that everyone holds themselves accountable to the values that we celebrate.

The Walk of the Lion

  • BSW Lions are respectful – they are honest and courteous to others.
  • BSW Lions are considerate – they show compassion and are empathetic to needs of others.
  • BSW Lions are noble – they have confidence in themselves and their own creativity, show fine principles and leadership skills, and are a proud member of their School community.
  • BSW Lions are cooperative – they work together to achieve the best and develop their own knowledge. They cooperate with one another to create a happy, learning-focused community.
  • BSW Lions are courageous – they show courage through willingness to always have a go; developing inquisitiveness, resilience and intellectual independence.

Every person, be it staff or pupils hold our values in high esteem.

We Value Courage

Courageous learning where failure is celebrated not condemned and considered important in overcoming the obstacles before us.

We Value Cooperation

Working together to make our school better, from the pupils, to the teachers to parent community.

We Value Consideration

Looking after one another and being aware of more than just our own feelings and needs.

We Value Respect

Respecting our learning, respecting each other, respecting the needs others and respecting our diversity.

We Value Nobility

Being proud of our identity and taking our virtues to every aspect of our learning.

The House system aims to encourage leadership, responsibility, mutual respect, involvement, loyalty, cooperation, consideration and positive behaviour amongst all children.

On entering BSW all children become members of a House which provide them with the opportunity for positive competition and to form positive with relationships with teachers and pupils outside of their year group. The House System help new pupils and staff adapt to the culture of BSW and encourages younger children to develop maturity and older children to develop caring, responsibility and empathy.

Children from Reception to Year 6 participate in a weekly House Learning session which interlinks with the PSHE objective and whole school focus of that week, exploring them in a deeper vertical learning context.

House Leaders provide an additional rung in the School’s pastoral support system and meet weekly with teaching staff to discuss individual pupils pastoral needs and how to further support them in the House Learning context.

House Leader contribute weekly to the school’s PSHE and House Learning planner which is located on school’s cloud system.

We have four Houses: Cornwall, Suffolk, Notts and Durham. All have a been linked with a colour to help younger children identify which house they are in. If you would like to know more about your child’s house please contact the House Leader.


At BSW we firmly believe in behaviour choices and dialogues founded in respect. We don’t desire obedience and discourage following without questions. Our pupils have the right to challenge behaviour decisions and told that even teachers can make mistakes here. We believe that in order for us to enable effective teaching and learning, positive behaviour in all aspects of school life is essential and we foster this through praise, feedback and learning from our mistakes.

We seek to ensure that BSW is a place where everyone feels happy, safe and secure and we aim to provide a caring environment in which all pupils are treated fairly, and with respect and understanding.


At BSW, we encourage our children to think positively about themselves and to accept their own uniqueness. Our school provide opportunities for the children to feel valued and important by creating an awareness of the positive contribution they can make towards school and the wider community. Children are actively encouraged to contribute in assemblies and a School Prefect system from Year 4 encourages Pupils to develop leadership and representation skills as well as providing the opportunity for increased responsibility.


At BSW we promote resilience through the philosophy Courage to fail. Courageto fail underpins our learning approach and is founded in the understanding that we all fail at points in our lives, but what is important is not the fact that we failed, but what we do afterwards. At BSW we adhere to the principle of having ago and we encourage children to embrace challenges and to accept failures aspart of the process of achievement. Courage to fail to fail is bothembracingfailure and also understanding the risk taken in the first place. We promote a system where pupils know that ultimately the choice is theirs whether they takethe risk or not. We encourage children to review the outcomes and make aninformed decision on whether they wish to proceed. We value confident,courageous and sensible risk-taking, evaluating our own limits and fosterownership over the decision take risks. These concepts are corroborated throughcircle times, feedback and marking, assemblies and house learning sessions.